The Brief: Ok Zoomer is a possible response to Gen Zers who say "Ok Boomer."


With the proliferation of terms including Ok Boomer, The Karen Generation, Ok Millennial, Ok Snowflake, and Ok Trumper, it’s no surprise that people are dishing out “Ok Zoomer” too.

Ok Zoomer is a dismissive insult that can be directed towards a member of Generation Z. It can be used by spiteful boomers or anyone else who the TikTok-loving generation may have upset. Ok Zoomer can be used as a serious drag, or as an ironic self-aware roast by zoomers themselves.

Perhaps “Ok Zoomer” marks the end of any meaning of these “Ok” quips. If everyone can use them, they may lose their power to insult and get lost in an echo chamber of intergenerational rivalry.

A reference to South Dakota’s “On Meth” campaign: