The Brief: "OK, wallet" is a variation of "OK, boomer." It is a clapback directed toward misogynistic men who are deemed as being only good for their money.


“OK, wallet” is a variation of “OK, boomer.” The phrase is a swift response to shut down male chauvinists and misogynistic men. “Wallet” implies that these men are only good for their money.

According to Urban Dictionary’s April 25 entry, “wallet” was first used as a response to male chauvinists calling women “dishwashers.”

“OK, wallet” is a growing clapback on TikTok. Gen-Zers have started using the insult in the comments section of TikTok videos they find to be misogynistic and offensive.

“Wallet” has also been used as the topic of TikTok videos, like this one called “Dear Wallets:”


I put a lil definition for “wallet” at the end just in case 🥰 + this is about a lot of gross situations I’ve seen on this app recently 😤 EatEmUp

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