The Brief: "Next caller" is a phrase that signifies disapproval as well as the abrupt ending of a conversation, usually out of annoyance.


Next caller is a comment used on social media. It signifies disapproval and is intended to mean the discussion or conversation is over.

According to Urban Dictionary,  the phrase indicates “annoyance and disapproval of one’s behavior or actions.”

The phrase saw a rise in popularity after a clip of rapper Khia arguing with a fan over the phone became a trend on TikTok in April 2020.

The audio is from an episode of The Queens Court, a show formerly co-hosted by Khia and Ts Madison. In the clip,  Khia yelled, “Next caller! Next Caller! Next caller! ‘Cause she ain’t talking ’bout nothing b*tch.”

Khia released a song called “Next Caller” in April 2018.

Following suit, “Next caller” became a hashtag on the app and began appearing in the comments section. The phrase “Next caller” can be found across various social media platforms.