The Brief: "MAGA coping" refers to followers of former President Donald Trump coping with the end of his presidency.


The term “cope” rose in popularity as a way to characterize MAGATs’ reactions to Donald Trump’s loss in the 2020 election. As conservatives, QAnon believers, and Trump-stans mourned the end of a Trump presidency, leftists mocked them by highlighting public MAGA meltdowns and other instances of people trying to cope with this loss.

“MAGA cope” or “MAGA coping” both refer to the various ways Trump’s supporters have reacted to him being a one-term, twice impeached president. “Copium” is a made-up drug that people are “taking” to help them cope.

On social media, leftists and other Trump-haters have compiled examples of embarrassing far-right coping methods in YouTube “cope compilations” and via Twitter accounts like @CopingMAGA.Β  Memes and jokes about MAGA cope often include Wojak-style illustrations of Trump supporters, Trump himself, Pepe the Frog, and other symbols of Trumpism crying and throwing fits.