The Brief: "Is typing... " is meant to mock a targeted individual or group by indicating they are actively preparing a rebuttal to a post that has called them out. It is typically paired with a generic name and emojis.


The phrase “Is typing…” on TikTok is usually paired with a generic name to refer to a certain group of people (like Chad). It is paired with emojis that are typically associated with said group. Altogether, the comment “[Name, emoji] is typing… ” is meant to mock the targeted individual by indicating they are actively preparing their rebuttal.

This phrase is similar to that of “… has entered the chat.”

This comment trend dominated the comments section of a June 27 TikTok video calling out cis white males. The video contained a tweet that read, “Every time I catch a white guy staring at me I wonder does he find me cute or does he want me out of this country.”

Comments inserted names like Chad, Connor, Logan, and Kyle next to emojis that are associated with the American dream, but also White nationalism. These emojis typically included are: the American flag, a bald eagle, a pitcher of beer, a fishing pole, a football, and/or a baseball.


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What Does "Is Typing...?" Mean On TikTok
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