The Brief: On Twitter, the terms "get ratioed," "ratioed," and "ratio" refer to when a tweet receives significantly more replies than likes or retweets.


When a tweet “gets ratioed,” it has been met with more controversy than praise or agreement. “Get ratioed,” “ratioed,” and “ratio” on Twitter all refer to when a tweet has a high ratio of replies to likes and retweets. These terms can also be used when a reply to a tweet gets significantly more likes than the original tweet.

In some cases, getting ratioed is not a sign of the unpopularity of a tweet, but means that it inspired much discussion.

An example of someone getting ratioed is when Twitter user @fangirlJeanne sparked a debate about whether or not himbo is ableist:

Some trolls comment on public figures old tweets to intentionally ratio and dunk on them.