The Brief: An internet acronym used most often to mean "for the win."


While FTW has a few meanings in internet/text lingo, its most common meaning is “for the win.”

Not to be confused with FTWD which stands for the zombie TV show fave, Fear the Walking Dead, FTW is often used for enthusiastic emphasis at the end of a comment, text, or social media post.

This Twitter user has clearly made their Game of Thrones pick.

Alternatively, FTW can mean “F**k the world” though this definition is less popular today.

Funnily enough, FTW has its roots in the television game show Hollywood Squares, though most Millennials and Gen Zers tend to associate FTW with video game lingo.

Similar to gg, FTW is highly popular in the online gaming community, specifically in the game, World of Warcraft.

It has transcended the gaming world to mainstream social media and can often be seen on many websites and social networks.