The Brief: "Fax, no printer" is another phrase for "facts" which means "truth." It signifies being in agreement with another person.


“Fax, no printer” is another way of saying “facts” which is typically used when an individual is in agreement with someone. “Fax, no printer” is not a new phrase.

As of recent, it grew in popularity on TikTok  after a viral video featured creator @briaalanaa saying, “Hey yo! The person who sent you this wants you to know … fax, no printer. Copy, no translate.”


SEND IT YOU WONT🤪❤️ #fyp #foryoupage

♬ original sound – Daddy Bria🐉

The phrase is now a running joke on the app with creators making their own renditions of the video.


fax no printer <3 @manny_delgado

♬ original sound – hoolie! 🍒

Doja Cat even hopped on the trend.