The Brief: "Da Vinki" is a mispronunciation of "da Vinci" made famous in a TikTok video by the Voros Twins.


The term “Da Vinki” became a well-known internet meme after the Voros Twins posted a TikTok video in which they simultaneously mispronounce Leonardo da Vinci’s last name. In the video, a filter asks the question “who painted the Mona Lisa?” The twins guess “Mona Lisa” and say “da vinki?!” in unison once the correct answer (da Vinci) pops up on the screen.


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The twins, Chris and Patrick Vörös, told BuzzFeed News that they did, in fact, know who Leonardo da Vinci is and that the mispronunciation of his name was intentional. Since the video was posted on September 15, it’s been viewed over 7.5 million times on TikTok and millions more times on Twitter. Beyond the video itself, this new word is widely used and referenced online, and the Voros Twins have come to be known as the “Da Vinki Twins” by many.