The Brief: BIPOC is an umbrella term for "Black," "Indigenous," and "People Of Color." The term is meant to be unifying while also highlighting Black and Indigenous people and the injustices they face, like Native invisibility and anti-Blackness.


BIPOC stands for “Black,” “Indigenous,” and “People Of Color.” It is a unifying term and meant to collectively identify all  minority groups while specifically highlighting Black and Indigenous people. The term acknowledges the different levels of injustices these groups of people face, like Native invisibility and anti-Blackness.

The term has been around for years, but became popularized in the midst of the June 2020 Black Lives Matter movement when Black people and allies urged others to stop using the terms Black and POC interchangeably.

While the term is becoming more widespread, there are many who find the BIPOC too be too broad a term to encompass the complexities of each minority group and their respective experiences.