The Brief: "Are you lost baby girl?" is a question from the erotic movie 365 Days. The question is used on TikTok in response to bizarre or humorous videos. On Twitter, it is used when sharing a photo of an attractive individual.


The question “Are you lost baby girl?” also seen as, “Are you lost baby gorl?” is a comment on TikTok and Twitter in reference to the film 365 Days.

The Netflix carried movie is about an attractive and manipulative mafia boss who kidnaps a woman and imprisons her in his home for 365 days in hopes she will fall in love with him.

The movie debuted at the No. 1 spot on Netflix for four days, before falling behind Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods and The Nut Job, only to then reclaim the No. 1 spot, twice, according to Forbes.

The film has been called problematic by many publications for its aggressive sex scenes and overall message that seems to glorify Stockholm syndrome.

Don Massimo, the mafia boss, asks his love interest Laura Biel this question when he first meets her.

TikTokers are posing the question “Are you lost baby girl?” as a response to bizarre and humorous posts, like this video of a young woman stopping a police car to pull a Hip Hop Harry “Who’s Next?” moment in front of it.

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On Twitter, the question is used when someone shares photos of themselves or others who they think are attractive.