The Brief: The 🥶 emoji, also known as the cold face emoji or cold grimace emoji, is used to express extreme discomfort or awkwardness, as well as, extreme support or approval or another who is attractive, cool, or chill.


The cold face emoji, also known as the cold grimace emoji, is depicted by an emoji with gritted teeth in freezing temperatures 🥶. This emoji is used when someone is expressing extreme discomfort or awkwardness. It also expresses approval and implies someone is attractive, cool, or chill.

The meaning is similar to that of iciness which is associated with being mean or cold as well as impressive or enticing. The latter is derived from the association of ice with diamonds. When an individual is icy, they are considered to be “dripping” in swag and are really cool.

In July 9, Megan Thee Stallion shared a video of herself and her friends dancing in a pool. Actor Michael B. Jordan left the comment “🥶” on the video. It received over 22,000 likes.

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