The Brief: The snowflake (❄️) emoji is a pick-up line meant to show romantic interest in someone.


The snowflake emoji (❄️) has various meanings based on the context.

As of Oct. 7, the snowflake emoji is meant to show romantic interest in someone via direct message. It is a short-hand pick-up line based off of rapper Quavo’s DM to his now-girlfriend Saweetie. He shared a photo of their exchange on Twitter.

It became the “You So Icy, I’m A Glacier Boy” DM trend on Twitter and saw internet users DMing each other and celebrities snowflakes as a pick-up line. If the individual is interested, they’ll typically respond with a ramen noodles (🍜) emoji.

The snowflake emoji can also be used to describe an individual who is sensitive or easily offended, according to Urban Dictionary.