The Brief: On TikTok, KAM stands for "Kill All Men." KAM 2020 is an associated slogan. The phrase "Kill All Men" is said to poke fun at extreme feminists while raising awareness about toxic masculinity.


KAM stands for “Kill All Men.” The phrase began circulating on TikTok as part of a joke about extreme feminists.

According to Distractify, the phrase stems from a video by YouTuber Jenny McDermott. In it, McDermott said “We need to kill all men” and “male babies” as a means of ridding the world of male chauvinists. It’s unclear whether McDermott was serious or not, but some considered it to be. The video, which was originally on YouTube, is now gone along with other content on her page.

Reportedly, the clip below, which was posted on Twitter, is behind the widespread use of KAM on TikTok.

Some TikTokers claim KAM is a joke and meant to poke fun at extreme feminists while also raising awareness about incels and men who perpetrate toxic behavior towards women, including verbal and sexual abuse. It’s meant to trigger anti-feminist men. These videos are reportedly not meant to incite actual harm. However, there are some videos on the app that feature hateful rhetoric towards men.


kam is a joke made by feminists bc it would be quite literally impossible to accomplish and the asinine nature of it is why it doesnt matter

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“KAM 2020” has become a slogan for many of these TikToks along with “Men In Cages 2020.”

The phrase “kill all men” and the associated hashtags #KAM, and #KAM2020 are not searchable on TikTok. “KAM 2020”, #Ki11AllMen, #KAMisajoke, and the phrase “KAM” yield videos on the app surrounding the controversial trend.

Many KAM videos exist under a sound comprised of a mash-up of Twenty-One Pilots’ “Heathens” and The Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff”s “Parent Just Don’t Understand.”

KAM is not only supported by women. Some men on the app have created videos in agreement with the joke and have contributed with their own TikToks, going as far as to break “bro-code” and share their male-friends’ toxic dating habits online.


I’m sorry

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It appears that some men on the app are countering the phrase with RAW or RAW 2020, which stands for “Rape All Women.” It is unclear if the phrase is a joke or not.

The phrase KAM is catching flack online due to internet rumors that falsely claim an 11-year-old boy committed suicide after KAM comments were left under one of his videos.