The Brief: Sad boi hours are a period in the early hours of the morning in which sad boys wallow in their emotions.


Sad boi or sad boy hours last from approximately 1 am to 5 am. During this period, sad bois feel particularly melancholy, feeling all the feels. Sad boy hours activities may include listening to sad music, reposting depressing content on Tumblr, or tweeting “real sad boi hours who up?”

Although this term is not usually meant to belittle the emotional experiences of boys and men, it does take a light approach to what can actually be serious issues with depression and mental illness. As millennials and Gen Zers tend to joke about mental illness, depression, and even suicide, it can be difficult to read the tone of a “sad boy hours” social media post to discern whether it’s talking about a short bout of sadness or a more serious struggle with depression.