The Brief: Amid a public health crisis, #Covidiots are people who refuse to abide by the restrictions placed to limit the spread of the coronavirus and just arbitrarily fend for themselves.


A new hashtag has developed over time for those who choose to hoard essential grocery items in-stores, refuse staying inside, and avoid social distancing. These types of people are now labeled as #Covidiots to illustrate how these individuals are putting others at risk for the sake of their own free will.

The identifier derived from India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi declaration that urged the nation of India to not panic during the Coronavirus outbreak and to keep faith in their established government who will provide them resources:

People who panicked, refused to quarantine, and were taking more resources than they needed were called #Covidiots by many other inhabitants of India. The citizens who chose to stray away from the nationwide lockdown which was put into effect on March 24, 2020 were insulted online by other Indian citizens who noticed the Coronavirus fatality rate was beginning to rise steadily in the country.

The hashtag then transformed from online criticism directed towards India’s civilians to a worldwide assertion of the poor actions other countries are taking to combat the disease. Many Americans began bashing Donald Trump’s decree to reopen American franchises by Easter. Frightened by the heightened chances of the Coronavirus spreading faster by this declaration, Americans started labeling their president as a #Covidiot alongside the other Americans who reside on the supportive side of his decision.