The Brief: A VSCO sleepover is a teenage sleepover catered to the aesthetics of the VSCO girl trend.


VSCO girl sleepovers are essentially an ultra-aesthetic version of an ultimate teenage girl sleepover. Friends camp out in the back yard, build a comfy fort, eat their favorite snacks, and presumably have a good time.

The degree to which these sleepovers are a performative act to show off on social media vs. something that’s done for its own sake is unclear. It begs the question: if a VSCO girl has a sleepover and didn’t post it on social media, was it really a VSCO sleepover? As the VSCO girl trend is heavily based on social media, such sleepovers wouldn’t take place without the influences of social media trends. However, the #VSCOsleepover trend appears to involve at least some amount of IRL fun in addition to its appearance of fun on social media.

This trend has been well documented on VSCO, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. In many cases, these sleepovers involve making elaborate forts on trampolines or in blow-up swimming pools that float in regular pools.

Activities resemble typical teenage girl sleepover antics – with a few VSCO-specific twists. They may include doing face masks, talking about crushes, playing truth or dare, watching Netflix, making friendship bracelets, and, of course, taking pictures for social media.