The Brief: The latest iteration of the VSCO trend involves people dressing their dogs up like VSCO girls and calling them "VSCO dogs."


Watch out VSCO girls and boys, VSCO dogs are a thing and they’re here to break the internet. People are dressing their doggos up like VSCO girls by putting scrunchies in their fur, posing them next to Hydro Flasks, building them houses based on VSCO aesthetics, and more. This meme is essentially an extension of the VSCO girl stereotype in which pups embody the trend.

VSCO dogs are particularly popular on TikTok where the VSCO girl trend also rose to prominence. On TikTok, the hashtag #VSCOdog has been viewed over 1.5 million times.

The popularity of this trend can be attributed to how much the internet loves VSCO-things and how much everyone loves puppers. It simultaneously parodies VSCO girls and pays homage to their iconic style.

As would be expected, some dogs appear to enjoy being pampered in a traditional VSCO girl style while others seem to be annoyed and unenthusiastic about posing for the camera.

This dog even had a VSCO sleepover:

On the VSCO app itself, the hashtag #vscodog yields more filtered photos of dogs than images of pups dressed up like VSCO girls.


The VSCO trend just keeps going. What’s next…VSCO cats? VSCO dads? VSCO oat milk? Sksksksk and I oop!