The Brief: Tweetdecking is stealing other people's tweets and passing them off as one's own.


A tweetdecker is someone who copies tweets and posts them on their own Twitter account. Tweetdecking is the act of doing so. Some tweetdeckers act casually and informally while others have organized networks to profit off of plagiarized tweets.

Reports show that some tweetdeckers have made thousands of dollars from their efforts. The name “tweetdecker” is a reference to the app and website TweetDeck which allows users to view and organize tweets. According to these reports, people would use groups on this site, known as decks to organize stolen tweets, even trading money for certain postings. Sometimes this involves paying accounts with high follower counts for retweets. By manipulating Twitter’s system, tweetdeckers have been known to make stolen tweets go viral.

Tweetdecking violates Twitter’s rules and policies, as does paying people for engagement.