The Brief: Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and continuing intergenerational rivalry, some Millennials and Gen Z-ers have been referring to Coronavirus as "Boomer Remover."


Some people, mostly young people, have taken to referring to Coronavirus (COVID-19) as “Boomer Remover.” The name references both the disdain that many young people have for Baby Boomers and the fact that older people are more susceptible to severe illness and death from Coronavirus.

This highly insensitive name highlights the deep-seated anger many young people feel towards older generations about their politics, failure to act on climate change, and other generational differences. It also reveals just how willing some Millennials and Gen Z-ers are to make dark jokes during this pandemic, be it out of malice or out of the need for comic relief.

On TikTok, videos associated with the hashtag #BoomerRemover have been viewed over 42,000 times, a relatively low number, perhaps indicating that this nickname is a bit too dark to become as widespread as other memes like Ok Boomer did.

‘Boomer Remover’ Memes

Memes and tweets use this term with varying degrees of seriousness while others criticize the harsh implications of the phrase.

An expanding brain meme:

Boomer Remover from CoronavirusMemes

Boomer Remover from meme

Boomer remover is coming hot baby from dankmemes

A Surreal Meme Man “panik” meme:

The boomer remover from memes

A Drake No/Yes meme:

Boomer remover from PewdiepieSubmissions

Me and the boys…

Boomer remover wasn’t enough from teenagers

A woman yelling at cat meme:

Boomer Corona Remover from PewdiepieSubmissions

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