The Brief: The phrase "plandemic" is used by conspiracy theorists who perpetuate the idea that COVID-19 was intentionally created and/or spread by those in power. A documentary named The Plandemic was removed from YouTube for violating community guidelines.


What Does Plandemic Mean?

Broadly, the phrase “plandemic” is a term used by conspiracy theorists who believe that the COVID-19 pandemic was created intentionally by humans, that it was “planned.” The phrase has been used online by far-right groups who falsely blame the pandemic on immigration, Judaism, Islam, LGBTQ people, and “elites.”

The World Health Organization has called the spread of misinformation about the Coronavirus, which can be directly and indirectly harmful, as an “infodemic.” 

Documentary Removed From YouTube

A documentary titled The Plandemic was removed from YouTube for violating the site’s community guidelines.  The movie has been widely cited as a perpetrator of false information. It features Judy Mikovits, a known anti-vaxxer, and former researcher. In the movie, Judy Mikovits claims that there is a global plot to implement forced vaccinations led by prominent figures including Dr. Anthony Fauci. Many claims in the film have been publicly debunked, but some conspiracy theorists continue to share it as an uncovering of “truths.”

Plandemic Reactions & Memes

Clips from The Plandemic documentary have been circulating online and is being met with reactions and memes both from people who believe the claims made in the video and those who see the documentary as a harmful perpetrator of false theories.