The Brief: Nike is the largest sportswear company in the world.


Nike Inc was co-founded in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Night. The company made approximately $36 billion in revenue in 2018. Nike is known for its athleticwear and, more recently, its streetwear. It’s recognizable for its signature swoosh logo and slogan: “just do it.”


Nike produces clothing and accessories for Olympians, professional athletes, and everyone else. They have sponsored and collaborated with famous athletes including Serena Williams, Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James, and Roger Federer.


In addition to athletic wear, Nike makes streetwear, which they sometimes call “sportswear.” Nike has collaborated with people and brands like Virgil Abloh, Supreme, and Off-White. They have a skatewear line known as Nike SB.


Kicks are at the heart of hypebeast style. Many iconic sneakers are made by Nike, often through collaborations.ย Nike shoes are often shortened to be called just “Nikes.” The Nike Air series includes the famous Nike Air Max, Nike Air Jordan, Nike Air Yeezy, and Nike Air Force.