The Brief: An internet meme is something that is continuously repeated in a number of different forms online. The term often refers to comical images which are spread online.


A meme can be an idea, trend, song, video, or image that goes viral. A meme usually comes from an original object or event, and then is passed along in various manifestations. Examples of memes include Doja Cat’s “Mooo!” video, the In My Feelings challenge, pepe, and more.

Memes come in a variety of formats and styles, many of which are meticulously documented by

A meme can be a concept or an image, usually, a comical one with text added. Sort of like a social media version of a comic strip, memes are frequently reposted and altered to make different jokes or to apply to different situations.

Meme accounts on social media, usually Instagram repost memes, remix them, and create their own original meme content, usually using Photoshop or other photo editing software.