The Brief: Emoji 13.0, the new emoji set for 2020, features 117 emoji including a transgender flag, chefs kiss pinched fingers symbol, and bubble tea.


On January 29, the Unicode Consortium released its list of the 117 new emoji that will be added to emoji libraries in 2020. The Emoji 13.0 update includes more gender-inclusive symbols, a transgender flag and symbol, new foods, prehistoric animals, an anatomical heart, and much more.

New Emoji 2020 Update 13.0

Each year, Unicode approves new emoji characters to add. Once they have been released, it’s up to individual participating vendors like Apple and Android when to roll out versions on their software. This 2020 emoji update 13.0 is sure to facilitate more nuanced text conversations, as these new options allow for more inclusivity and fun.

Inclusive Emoji

This update includes more gender-inclusive options for people wearing tuxedos, people wearing veils, people feeding babies, and Santas. In addition to the already existing “man in tuxedo” and “woman in veil” emoji, there will be options for “person in tuxedo,” “woman in tuxedo,” “person in veil,” and “man in veil with six different skin tone options. There are also be emoji for men, women, and gender non-specified people feeding babies. The new Mx. Clause emoji option will accompany the Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause ones.

In addition to more gender-inclusive wedding and people emojis, this update includes a transgender symbol and flag emoji.

Meme-able Emoji

Of the versatile, fun, and useful emoji included in this update, a few stand out as distinctly meme-able.

Smiling Face With Tearย 

This emoji has the same energy as the Joker, combining opposite emotions into a relatable happy/sad icon.

Disguised Faceย 

This can be used to represent impostor syndrome, goofy attitudes, and actual disguises.

Pinched Fingers (Chef’s Kiss)

For years, people on the internet who want to add a bit of flair to their texts have had to merely write out the words “chefs kiss.” This emoji allows them to bring that action to life with a visual representation.