The Brief: To leave someone on read means to read their text message and not respond to it.


The phrase “left on read” refers to the “read receipts” that some messaging and texting platforms use so that people can see when someone has read their message. On many apps, read receipts are optional, but it is up to the recipient whether or not to turn on the function. When someone has been “left on read,” it means that they sent a message to someone who received it but didn’t respond to it. Being left on read is generally considered to be a bad thing, with the implication that the person you are trying to contact is intentionally ignoring you or ducking you. “Left on seen” is a synonym for “left on read,” indicating that although a message has been seen, there has been no response.

A PSA from rapper Wiz Khalifa:

“When you slide into her dms and get curved so you shoot another shot and get left on read:”