The Brief: Instagram confessions accounts are highly-curated themed accounts that feature an anonymous confession in every post.


Instagram confessions accounts often share similar aesthetics and formats. In their posts, confessions are pasted over heavily filtered images of typical Instagram subject matter like selfies, food, pets, and clothing. Groups of photos often have specific color schemes that shift gradually from one color to another.

The confessions on these accounts vary, sharing anxieties, embarrassing stories, relationship predicaments, crushes, secret desires, and sexual stories. Some deal with NSFW and taboo subjects while others are more commonplace. Many of the confessions are written from the perspective of teenagers. Although they may not be indicative of the experiences of most teens, these confessions provide some interesting insight into the lives and inner thoughts of young people as they learn about themselves and the world.

There’s no knowing which confessions are truthful or original as what to post is up to the sole discretion of an account’s admin. According to their bios, admin often accept confessions through DM’s or through Tellonym.

The top Instagram confessions accounts have tens of thousands of followers. Popular accounts include @teenagefession (74k followers), @conxfession (304k), and @dropconfession (65.4k).

Many Instagram confessions accounts post daily or multiple times a day and many have been up and running since summer 2018 or earlier. The comments sections of these posts include the sharing of advice and support as well as general reactions and occasional trolling.