The Brief: High Fashion Twitter, hf twitter, or HFT is an online community that's centered around the world of high fashion.


High Fashion Twitter, typically stylized as “ht twitter” is an international online community dedicated to discussing the world of high fashion. This subculture is made up largely of young people, many of whom are students in fashion or design. Unlike many mainstream fashion magazines and industry members, hf twitter is known for delving deep into the fashion world’s flaws: discussing cultural appropriation, greenwashing, unethical labor practices, sexual assault and harassment allegations, and more. It’s also a place where people can share memes, designs, mood boards, and other fashion-related musings.

With a similar amount of devotion as Stan Twitter, #HFT is a community of people who want to share information and opinions about fashion on their own terms. Also like Stan Twitter, this community is known for participating in beef, cancel culture, and other aggressive online tactics. hf twitter has faced its fair share of criticism for sometimes being a platform for problematic opinions and online interactions including a fetishization of eating disorders and the perpetuation of Eurocentric beauty standards.

After the 2020 Met Gala was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hf twitter organized an online virtual gala to take place for 24 hours on Monday, May 4.

High Fashion Twitter has its own magazine: The Artémis Magazine. Examples of accounts that are heavily engaged in #HFT include @laqerfeld, @tearcessation, @senam, @DECOUTURIZE, @thegirlinmiumiu, and @pughatory.