The Brief: The phrase "hey yo check" was popularized in TikTok "rich boy check" videos and has since spread to other TikTok memes and beyond.


Saying “check” after a word or “hey yo ____ check” essentially means “check this out.” The phrase originated in TikTok “Rich Boy Check” videos wherein which people flex their wealth.

Hey Yo Rich Boy Check

Videos that follow this TikTok trend use a sound clip in which a male voice says “hey yo, rich boy check,” followed by part of the song “Minuetto” by Italian Composer Luigi Boccherini. In many of these videos, wealthy people put their possessions on display. Some parody videos follow a similar format but show off knockoffs or evidence of their lack of wealth.

Clown Check

In these clown TikTok memes, a voice with the same tone as the one in “rich boy check” says “clown check” before a part of a song by Insane Clown Posse plays.

VSCO Check

VSCO girls are using this meme to call themselves out for their devotion to VSCO-inspired trends.

Hey Yo Check

People are making videos in which they say something, followed by “check” before showing that thing off. Some of the audio for these videos is a dubbed version of the “rich boy check” audio while others say “hey yo ____ check” with a similar intonation.

Private school check:

Stop motion check:

Anxiety Check:

Oklahoma check: