The Brief: The term Girly Pop or Girlypop refers to a girl who is cool, basic, and/or bubbly.


What Is A Girly Pop?

A combination of the words girly and pop, “Girly Pop” or “Girlypop” can be a synonym for “girl,” or can refer more specifically to a girl who fits a certain archetype. Social media posts online indicate that a Girlypop has similar interests and styles to those of VSCO girls and basic girls.

According to one Urban Dictionary entry, a girlypop is “a constantly slaying queen that has everyone captivated with every move she makes. From her AWESOME Style to her FABULOUS cheerleading skills she will have you wanting to be her best friend.”

Whether or not this definition is meant as a positive or sarcastic description of girlypops, it suggests that she is usually popular, outgoing, and keeps up with the latest trends. As with VSCO Girl, basic b**ch, and eGirl, Girly Pop or Girlypop can be used as a descriptor, compliment, or insult depending on context and connotation.

YouTuber Haley Pham often uses the term “Girlypops” to address her viewers and subscribers. She also sells merch with the word printed on it.