The Brief: The Wojak character Chad now has a female counterpart: Girl Chad.


Trad Girl has long been depicted as Chad’s female counterpart, but now there’s also a version of Chad/Yes Chad who has long hair and no beard: Girl Chad. This Wojak/rage comic character is often used in memes such as those that depict perceived differences between boys and girls. Like the Doomer Boy and Doomer Girl, Yes Chad and Girl Chad are very similar characters with different genders.

According to Reddit user u/Bilore, this character’s name is Trixie, not “Chadette.”

Public Service Announcement: A female Chad is known as a Trixie, So that must be her name, not Chadette, etc
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Girl Chad memes started gaining popularity on Reddit in late July and early August 2020 as they started showing up in boys vs. girls Wojak memes.

Guys aren’t the only ones that can’t get into a relationship either
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This is the truth
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90 day fiancé bad
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Girls and boys can both be chads.
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tis the law of equivalent exchange
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