The Brief: Rare and desirable sneakers can be resold at high markups as a part of the large resale industry inside the already lucrative sneaker market.


Sneakers are around a $55 billion global industry with a $1 billion resale market. Hypebeasts and sneakerheads help this market thrive along with brands who release limited edition, “rare” kicks. Shoes that are relatively inexpensive retail can dramatically multiply in value because of their exclusivity and desirability. It is common for sneakers to sell for thousands of dollars resale, the most valuable of which are usually never worn.

Individual resellers as well as larger businesses like Stadium Goods, GOAT, and StockX profit from this industry. Buy buying sneakers in bulk, paying people to camp-out, or waiting for a sneaker to become a collector’s item, resellers participate in this booming industry. The companies who make sneakers (Nike, Adidas, Yeezy, etc.)Β  benefit as well, selling sneakers and creating buzz around their brand.