The Brief: Learn how to be a VSCO Girl with this handy gift guide.


If you’ve been on TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube, lately, you already know that we’re living in a VSCO Girl Summer. If you’re looking to adopt your own VSCO girl aesthetic or if you’ve been invited to your first VSCO sleepover and don’t know what to wear, look no further than this handy guide on how to be a VSCO Girl (or VSCO boy).

A VSCO girl is someone who is active on the VSCO app and/or whose style matches the aesthetics of VSCO. This trend has grown to the extent that “VSCO” is used as an adjective to characterize something or someone who embodies a VSCO girl lifestyle.

The VSCO girl trend is largely based on owning a specific set of items including Birkenstocks, scrunchies, hydro flasks, metal straws, and anything from Brandy Mellville. Many of the items associated with the trend are brand-specific and may be pricy, but things like homemade friendship bracelets and oversized T-shirts are just as important to the trend as AirPods and Instax cameras are. Each individual has the power to put their own spin on this trend, whether it’s through their attitude, style, social media presence, or just the good vibes they radiate.

Most importantly, being a VSCO girl, or even just dabbling in the trend is about keeping a positive outlook and having fun!

1. Hydroflask – $29.95

Stay hydrated and keep your water chilled for hours with the ultimate VSCO accessory: the coveted Hydroflask water bottle.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

2. Metal Straws (4-pack) – $5.89

Show off your dedication to saving the turtles with this re-usable metal straw set.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

3. VSCO Stickers (30-pack) – $13.99

Decorate your Hydroflask, laptop, and anything else with this fun and sassy sticker set.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

4. Fjallraven Kanken Backpack – $55.95

Store all your VSCO girl accessories in your ~trendy~ Fjallraven Kanken backpack which you can embroider or add patches to for a maximum VSCO effect.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

5. Mario Badescu Facial Spray Trio -$21

Keep your skin dewy and bright with a trio of Mario Badescu’s top facial sprays in rose, lavender, and cucumber.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

6. Carmex Classic Lip Balm (3-pack) – $2.79

When it comes to some things, it’s best to stick with the classics – like Carmex lip balm, which has been in production since the 1930s.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

7. Scrunchies (18-pack) – $10.99

Accessorize. Accessorize. Accessorize. One of a VSCO girl’s most prized possessions is her scrunchie collection. Start yours today with this colorful 18-pack.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

8. Shell Necklaces And Chokers – $7.59

Bring a bit of the beach with you wherever you go with this set of shell necklaces and chokers.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

9. Birkenstocks Arizona – $99.95

Birkenstocks have been a comfy favorite for decades so it’s no wonder most VSCO girls have incorporated them into their wardrobe.

Photo courtesy of Zappos

10. Vans Classic Slip-Onβ„’ Core Classics – $49.95

Vans sneakers have been a longtime staple of teenagers’ wardrobes. What’s your go-to color or pattern?

Photo courtesy of Zappos

11. Crocs Classic Clogs – $39.99

Embrace the goofiness with your first (or tenth) pair of Crocs. Sksksk…

Photo courtesy of Zappos

12. Friendship Bracelet Maker Kit – $19.99

Bring this friendship bracelet kit to your next VSCO hangout to create handmade and stylish tokens of friendship.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

13. Apple AirPods with Charging Case – $144.99

Go wireless and join the meme party with a set of AirPods.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

14. FujiFilm Instax Mini 9 Camera – $79.95

Make memories last and take cute pics to put on VSCO with a FujiFilm Instax Mini 9 camera.

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Whether you were first introduced to the VSCO trend as a meme or serious topic, there’s no denying that these girls have style. And I oop!