The Brief: Apple's iOS 13.2 update comes with a new set of emojis including a waffle, a sloth, gender-neutral people, and 67 accessibility-focused emojis.


If you installed the latest Apple update: iOS 13.2, you may have noticed some new emoji options. Yesterday, Apple debuted a software update that includes 398 new or updated em0jis. Among these are added emoji to represent disability and accessibility, gender-neutral figures, a more diverse range of skin tones, and miscellaneous symbols. The full set of iOS 13.2 emoji can be found on Emojipedia.

Disability & Accessibility

This update includes 67 accessibility-focused emojis including guide dogs, people in wheelchairs, a representation of the deaf sign in ASL, mechanical or prosthetic limbs, people with probing canes, and more. These emoji were included in a proposal made by Apple in 2018. iOS 13.2 Emoji Update


Gender Neutral Folks

In addition to options for various “man” and “woman” emoji, there is now a gender-neutral “person” emoji. Now, as well as using emoji that adhere to the gender binary, people can use these non-binary emoji to represent people in a variety of contexts doing a range of activities. They can use a gender-neutral farmer, zombie, painter, golfer, cyclist, police officer, and more.Β  New Apple Emoji Gender Neutral

Skin Tone Options

With the iOS 13.2 emoji update, there are options to easily customize the skin tones of people holding hands emojis.

Misc Fun Emojis

Some of the most talked-about and meme-able of these emoji include the yawn, pinching fingers, sloth, an orangutang which resembles le monke, a waffle, a flamingo, and a white heart.

New Apple Emoji iOS 13.2 Update


With this new release, people have been expressing their excitement and amusement about the potential that these new emoji hold for the world of visual communication.