The Brief: A City Girl Summer has varying definitions but often refers to a fun-filled summer similar to Hot Girl Summer.


The massive popularity of Hot Girl Summer has inspired some spinoffs and similar phrases to be thrown around online. One of these is “city girl summer,” which is circulating mostly on Black Twitter.

City Girl Summer means different things to different people. One common thread is that it’s about living one’s best live. Often, it implies spending the summer partying with your friends and enjoying the single life. It can be used synonymously with Hot Girl Summer. The term may also be used in reference to the rap duo City Girls. According to a 2018 entry in Urban Dictionary, a City Girl is “a girl who has been hurt over and over again by boys or men and now does not care about boys or their feelings.” (She also likely lives in a city.)

“City Boy Summer” is the male version to both City Girl Summer and Hot Girl Summer, but there is some discourse online about whether these phrases have their own unique meanings or if they’re just a result of men trying to co-opt the concept a hot/city girl summer.

A City Girl Summer can be about living a bougie lifestyle…

Many people are documenting their failed attempts to have a #CityGirlSummer…

Whatever kind of summer you’re aiming to have, be sure to enjoy it!