The Brief: City Boy Summer is the male version of City Girl Summer.


City Boy Summer and “Hot Boy Summer” can be used as synonyms. Popular on Black Twitter, this term generally refers to a summer in which boys have fun with their friends and enjoy being single, without trying to get boo’d up or allowing themselves to be heartbroken. Such a summer would likely involve casual hookups and take place in a city.

City Boy vs. City Girl Summer

Although City Boy Summer can be a male-focused synonym for City Girl Summer and Hot Girl Summer, some boys and men appear to be trying to turn the concept into a competition with women or an attempt to one-up them. Many women have pointed out that Hot and City Girl Summers were never about competing with men, but merely about celebrating women and practicing self-love.

Catching Feels During City Boy Summer

Many memes refer to a failed attempt at having a #CityBoySummer that’s foiled when someone catches feelings.

A Wholesome City Boy Summer