The Brief: Vibe check memes are jokes about checking someone's "vibes," sometimes in a violent manner.


Hey Yo, Vibe Check!

Like the term vibes, the “vibe check” phrase is a ubiquitous and vague reference to intangible auras and atmospheres. The basis of this meme is a joke about simply “checking the vibes” that a person is giving off. Often, these memes make fun of the somewhat new-agey way in which people talk about “vibes.”

These not-so-serious memes are similar to other “hey, yo check” formats in which they highlight and “check on” a certain thing, in this case, vibes. If this meme seems like an inside joke that you weren’t let in on, that’s because it is. Much like the I’m Baby or Let’s Get This Bread meme phrases, there’s no exact known origin or real point to this meme.

Violent Vibe Checks

A common variation of this memes involves someone saying “vibe check” and then proceeding to attack someone or otherwise enact slapstick violence against them. The humor in these memes comes from the dissonance between someone doing a friendly-seeming “vibe check” and then suddenly acting violently.

Vibe Check
byu/XdogeFrankieXX indogelore

Check Your Vibes

Let these memes be a reminder to do your own vibe check. How are your vibes? Are they good? Bad? Flowing? Blocked? Thanks for checking on those vibes and keep on vibing.


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I’m about to end this man’s whole career…

Vibe check!
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Vibe check
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