The Brief: Caroline Calloway is a 27-year-old Instagram influencer.


At the time of writing, Caroline Calloway has nearly 800,000 Instagram followers. She is known for her lengthy confessional captions and online documentation of her time as a student at Cambridge University. Calloway has been at the center of several controversies including her unfinished book deal, canceled “creativity workshops,” and purchasing of Instagram followers.

Earlier this month, an essay published in The Cut by Caroline’s former ghostwriter and friend Natalie Beach detailed her experience with Caroline’s through various personal and professional ups and downs.

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Hey I just wanted to let you know how my vegan journey is going: Not well. Day One I ordered naan, which, turns out, is made with ghee—clarified butter—and there may or may not have been cream in the spinach and chick pea dish I ate. A really sweet Indian fan pointed out that I shouldn’t blame Indian cuisine—authentic Indian food is made with coconut milk and it’s the Westernization of those dishes that introduced dairy. She told me that most Indian restaurants will be happy to make your dishes vegan if you only know to ask! Which I didn’t. And Day Two? Day Two I made a special trip uptown to stock up on vegan goodies and then I ordered fish tacos for dinner. I know. I know. Like, FUCK. This was not an accident. This was a failure of willpower. It would be so easy to just… NOT tell you about the fish tacos. SO. EASY. But I want you to know that I fail. I fail the people in my life and sometimes I fail my personal goals. I fucking love animal products! THEY ARE SO DELICIOUSSSSS NOM NOM NOM. But climate change is a crisis and @gretathunberg is right and I need to start feeling like I am doing my part to turn this ship around. And so I will pick myself up and keep going. With veganism, with everything. Self-forgiveness and onwards.

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