The Brief: A youth-led global climate strike is set to take place on September 20th and 27th to declare a climate emergency and demand climate justice for all.


Global Climate Strike September 20-27

Led by Greta Thunberg, the Global Climate Strike is an extension of Fridays for Future in which students strike from school on Fridays and go to their nearest town hall to publicly advocate for action to be taken to protect the planet.

On September 20th and 27th, millions of people in 150+ countries are planning on walking out of school or work to attend a local climate strike, to demand that world leaders take serious steps to mitigate climate change, end dependency on fossil fuels, and facilitate worldwide climate justice.

This event is youth-led and people of all ages are encouraged to join and show their support. The strike is planned to coincide with the UN Emergency Climate Action Summit to encourage leaders to make meaningful change when it matters most. In advance of the climate strike, a number of schools, businesses, and organizations have announced that they will be supporting strikers by allowing students to skip school, closing offices and stores, etc.

Social Media Organizing

Young people’s digital literacy and the inseparability of social media and youth culture mean that much of the organizing for the Global Climate Strike is taking place online. Through social media campaigns, hashtags, memes, posts, retweets, viral videos, changed profile pictures, and more, young people are planning local climate strike demonstrations and raising awareness about the climate strike and its mission to demand serious action towards the mitigation of climate change.

The following hashtags are being used as a part of the Global Climate Strike:

  • #SchoolStrike4Climate
  • #ClimateStrike
  • #GlobalClimateStrike
  • #StrikeWithUs 
  • #Fridays4Future
  • #WeekForFuture

Climate Change & Climate Strike Memes

From Twitter to Instagram to Reddit to TikTok, young people are emphasizing the urgency of climate change action. In classic Millennial and Gen-Z fashion, they’re spreading the message through a variety of memes including image macros, ironic videos, and pop culture references.

The expanding environmentalist brain:

For devoted VSCO girls, the climate strike is a great opportunity to #SaveTheTurtles…

Area 51 Raid vs. Climate Strike

As the Area 51 “raid” and the climate strike are set to take place on the same day, these memes joke about making the tough decision of which event to attend.

Come on everyone
by inteenagers

I Know its Bad but Remember the Climate Strike
byu/iMineCrazy inmemes

Area 51 raid & global climate strike on the same day
byu/YEET_BUFFALO inBikiniBottomTwitter