The Brief: Keanu Reeves' slayed the meme game when he surprised everyone by taking the stage at the 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).


Keanu Reeves has struck meme gold yet again, this time be reminding gamers just how “breathtaking” they are.

Microsoft’s annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, kicks off this week in Los Angeles. E3 is the the world’s premier event for computer and video games and related products. Keanu shocked expo-goers by making a surprise appearance on stage at the expo to promote CP Projekt Red’s upcoming game, Cyberpunk 2077. As if the success of his John Wick franchise or recent cameo in Netflix’s Always be my Maybe wasn’t enough, Keanu will also play a “key character” in the game.

Not only did his cameo at the expo delight stans near and far, but it also inspired a series of hilarious memes.

“Check This Out” Memes

During his time on stage at E3, Keanu excitedly gestured to some graphics on screen. Meme makers on Reddit wasted no time in reinterpreting this image macro.

byu/CrowHoonter indankmemes

Thank you Keanu, very cool!
byu/Turnipmensch indankmemes

Grandma Plz
byu/macgregorio21 indankmemes

Seeing as Cyberpunk 2077 is out April 16, 2020, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, this Dank Memes creator pointed out the obvious connection to 4/20.

I need this game
byu/Rodavlas895 indankmemes

And of course, there had to be at least one Anti-Anti-Vaxxer meme.

Checkmate, medicinal science
byu/Turnipmensch indankmemes

“You’re breathtaking” Memes

Perhaps the most memorable moment from Keanu’s appearance was when someone from the audience yelled out to him that he is “breathtaking.” No surprise there – Keanu is absolutely breathtaking, okuurr? Keanu yelled back that they, in fact, are breathtaking and then elaborated that everyone is breathtaking.

People were quick to meme-ify the moment. Several versions use Keanu’s words, “You’re breathtaking” as a response, while other iterations of the now viral meme simply focus on Keanu’s physical gestures.

anyone else hyped
byu/dcxr indankmemes

I love you, Keanu.
byu/Indeedismo indankmemes

The memes have spread quickly from Reddit to Twitter.

Cyberpunk  2077 Memes

Other popular Keanu meme formats stemming from the event incorporate still images of Keanu’s character from the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer.

John wick is the best
byu/sweetvexx indankmemes

Daddy wick
byu/WE_EAT_BEANS indankmemes

byu/Marko420_HR indankmemes

Several versions feature Keanu’s game character uttering the line, “We have a city to burn.”

We’re all serious war criminals
byu/DutchRedSlayer7 indankmemes

R.I.P. Pompeii
byu/pepusky indankmemes

In this meme, Keanu’s character is very anti-Furry.

Get em Keanu
byu/blazey100 indankmemes

John Wick 4?
byu/ocojoe indankmemes

People have also compiled various images of Keanu throughout the years, along with a still from Cyberpunk 2077, to show just how well he’s aged.

The Internet has Voted

Overall, it looks like a consensus has been made. Judging by the internet’s response to the recent surge of Keanu Reeves’ memes, Keanu is here to stay and gamers are more than ready for Cyberpunk 2077.

Even non-gamers have hopped aboard the Keanu Reeves meme train, as evidenced by this How to Train Your Dragon meme:

2019: The Year of Keanu.