The Brief: Summer officially begins on June 21st, 2019. These memes pay tribute to summer activities, warmer weather, and the woes of no longer having "summer vacation".


Summer – a szn for sunshine, sangria, and sick bops for days. While the Summer Solstice officially begins on Friday, June 21st, the summer memes have already begun rolling in on Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter.

Although many memes laud the joys of rest, relaxation, and pursuit of getting a tan, others roast the less pleasurable aspects of summertime. It’s safe to say, there’s a little something for everyone, no matter where you live or how hot it is outside.

School’s Out For Summer

These memes are geared towards students, teachers, and individuals, lucky enough to partake in a summer break. Yeet!

Teacher memes tends to be celebratory, emphasizing the excitement they’re feeling for staying home and sleeping in.

Although some folks are already counting down the days until Fall semester…

When it comes to student memes, most showcase the lack of plans students make during their break from school. Talk about self care FTW!

Literally my summer vacation from teenagers

This We Don’t Do That Here meme:

HAGS from teenagers

On the other hand, some students and teachers have big plans for their break…

Maybe too many plans?

This student’s existential message tells a different story. Oof, looks like senioritis kicking in six months too early…

Perhaps one of the more awkward moments a student can experience is running into their teacher during summer vacay.

Unlike those of their children, parents’ summer memes tend to focus less on activities or goals and more on parenting fails or complaints. These memes are usually self-roasting!

Parents should feel #blessed to know they’ve got this Twitter user’s support:

Can’t Catch a (Summer) Break

Unfortunately, few people outside of teens and teaching professionals are lucky enough to still experience summer vacation. For them, summer is just another season rather than an event.

Several folks have taken to Twitter to share their lack-of-summer-break adulting woes:

Don’t @ him, summer season.

Shaping Up for Summer…or Not

While various fitness influencers and beauty bloggers are already sharing their tips for a swimsuit-ready summer body, most “summer body” related memes might not be what one would expect.

Funnily enough, many of them drag the concept entirely, begging the question why people try to shape up for summer season instead of appreciating the body they have.

Take that, summer body standards.

Hot and Sweaty and Mosquitoes, Oh My!

Fans of a warmer, more tropical climate generally look forward to the longer days and extra sunshine that summer offers. After all, it means more time spent at the pool or beach, soaking up the rays.

However, with sun comes the possibility for sunburn…

Not to mention the fact that warm weather can become fire weather far too quickly.

Sometimes, the summer heat can be so intense, there’s nothing to do but stay inside.

Sorry, bae. Air conditioning season is the new cuffing season.

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Sometimes, even air conditioning can’t beat the heat.

I hate hot weather from teenagers

Then again, while heat waves sweep a good chunk of the world between June and September, there are some places still experiencing the dreaded June Gloom.

Heat and humidity are only small parts of a much larger issue exclusive to summertime: mosquitoes.

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While there are plenty of good times to be had this summer, best lather up with bug spray, okuuur?

Relevant Summer Meme from DunderMifflin

A BBQ with the fam won’t hurt either.

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