The Brief:

The best, outrageous, and most creative promposals of 2019 Prom Season (so far). 


Prom Season is in full bloom which means that Promposal posts are trending hard on social media.

Across America, Gen Zers are capturing their epic promposals on camera and sharing the viral pics and videos with the world.

Some promposals tapped into the Spring Szn, incorporating flowers and Easter into their plans…

While others relied on the help of family and friends.

Some promposals were a bit more romantic…

While others were extremely creative. This guy clearly knows his Astrology.

These promposals were utterly delicious…

While this one was downright hilarious. Like, I can’t even

This Twitter user shared her (literally) lit promposal.

Many promposals capitalized on students’ hobbies and extracurriculars, especially of the sporty nature.

This one takes a home run FTW!

Promposals have a reputation for being showy and elaborate public events. These examples are no exception…

Don’t even get us started with this guy’s Aladdin promposal…although he’s missing Will Smith.

What with the recent spike in the Yee Haw Movement, it’s no surprise that several promposals took a turn for the wild wild west…

Though the more traditional poster promposals still seems to be a favorite for teens.

Add this guys’ Netflix promposal to your queue…

While promposals tend to be especially popular amongst young couples, there seem to have been plenty of grand gestures made between platonic friends, too.

As Prom Season continues, surely there are plenty more promposals to come.

For now, we’ll leave you with this guy, who clearly went the extra…mile.