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September 9, 2020
Ed Markey’s Standom, TikTok Ad Effectiveness Updates, and Only Fans/Bella Thorne

Liz: Senator Ed Markey’s Zoomer Standom  Few septuagenarian politicians have online coalitions of devoted Gen Z stans, but 74-year-old Massachusetts Senator and co-author of the Green New Deal Ed Markey sure does, and he just became the first person to defeat a Kennedy in Massachusetts election history. Because of his progressive politics and strong policies …

July 28, 2020
The 3 Billion View TikTok Campaign, 2020 #AltGirls + Single Channel Viral Memes

Chris: Is TikTok Advertising Effective? We Now Have the Campaign to Prove It How does Hollister, a brand very far past its prime, get three billion (yes, with a B) views in a single week? They did it by understanding their audience and delivering upon the primary trends of 2020. Add TikTok, the D’Amelio Sisters, …

July 13, 2020
Karens: Evolving Labels + Social Justice, Faux-Retail TikTok + TikTok Comment Growth

Chris Karens: Social Justice, Entitlement, and Evolving Labels The “Karen” is not a new concept but it is evolving and expanding in definition, especially during the COVID and BLM time that we are living in. The ‘Karen‘ stereotype illustrates an entitled, middle-class white woman whose signature line is “I’d like to speak to the manager.” …

May 27, 2020
Time for Brands to Evolve Meme Marketing + Gaming TikTok

Chris The Next Evolution in Meme Marketing – Own It. If you go to Co-Star (Astrology App) or SlimJim’s Instagram pages the first thing you’ll notice is that they have massive followings of a million+ followers, the second thing that you’ll notice is that they’re not actually directly selling or pushing their respective products. The …

December 20, 2019
The StayHipp Gift Guide

We broke down the top gifts for the music streamers, the gamers, the hypebeasts, the beauty divas, and the gadget geeks to make it easier to find what they actually want.

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