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February 5, 2021
What Does Gorilla Grip Mean?

The phrase “gorilla grip” is used to describe the degree of tightness of a woman’s vaginal walls and often refers to their desirability.

February 4, 2021
What Does ‘Autist’ Mean?

Although its literal definition is a person with Autism Spectrum Disorder, the term “autist” is commonly used as a slur online.

September 9, 2020
Ed Markey’s Standom, TikTok Ad Effectiveness Updates, and Only Fans/Bella Thorne

Liz: Senator Ed Markey’s Zoomer Standom  Few septuagenarian politicians have online coalitions of devoted Gen Z stans, but 74-year-old Massachusetts Senator and co-author of the Green New Deal Ed Markey sure does, and he just became the first person to defeat a Kennedy in Massachusetts election history. Because of his progressive politics and strong policies …

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