The Brief: Wishbone is an app in which users vote in two-option polls.


snapping the wishbone

According to the app, Wishbone allows users to “compare anything.” It prompts users to pick a side in various “would you rather” or “which is your favorite” style questions. Polled content revolves around celebrities, humor, music, fashion, and other pop culture categories.

The polls (called Wishbones) are user-created, and anyone on the app can post their own. Users can like and comment on each other’s polls. Popular polls are featured more prominently.

Wishbone’s other social features include the Daily and Nightly Dozen. Twice a day, users vote in twelve of the most popular polls and, following each vote, can see the statistics of how everyone else voted. In this way, users can see how their opinions stack up against others, similar to Buzzfeed polls.

Safety & Privacy

Wishbone is rated 12+ due to mild sexual content and crude humor. Some polls may show images of scantily clad women or topless men, or center around a dark joke, but overall polls are relatively innocent. Sexually explicit and illegal content are banned, with users able to swipe to report inappropriate content. Users have the option to link various social media accounts, including Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram, but can opt out of doing so and still enjoy the full features of the app anonymously.

At the time of publication, Wishbone ranks #8 in Social Networking on the Apple App Store.