Grindr is an app for adults only and often involves explicit messaging and sexting. The Conan/Billy Eichner video contains some adult topics and bleeped out swearing.

The Brief: Grindr is a dating app geared towards gay and bisexual men.


The app is based on location and a “swiping” function in which users can choose to engage with a profile by swiping right, or not by swiping left. Users interact with profiles of those who are geographically near them.

Grindr is nowย open to people of all genders but is centered around queer people.

The app is only for people ages 18 and up, but it can be easy for younger users to lie about their age.

It has a reputation of being a hookup app and is often used for such purposes. Many users use the app semi-anonymously, not using their real name and not including pictures with their face in it in their profiles. This can be a safety measure, especially for queer folks who choose to keep their sexualities private.

In mid-September 2018, Grindr will be releasing Kindr, an initiative to combat the racism and bullying that too often occur on Grindr and in the LGBTQ+ community more broadly.