The Brief: VSCO is a photo and video editing app known for its filters and likes-free social media platform.


Colloquially pronounced “visco,” VSCO stands for Virtual Supply Company, the app’s parent company. VSCO offers tools for detailed photo and video editing and filtering. It is a free app with the option to access more features by becoming a “VSCO member” for $19.99 per year.

VSCO is the basis of the “VSCO girl” aesthetic and stereotype, which describes someone whose lifestyle reflects the trends and visual styles popular on the app.

App Store

Social Media Component

Some people solely use VSCO to edit photos and then export them to apps like Instagram to share with their friends. Unlike Instagram, VSCO’s built-in social media platform is set-up more like an art website with minimalist design and little text. Most notably, VSCO has few features for interaction. People can re-post and save photos, but they cannot like photos, comment on them, or message people through the app. VSCO photo feeds are set up similarly to those of other social media platforms and people can follow each other, but not communicate much beyond that.

Safety & Privacy

On Apple’s App Store, VSCO is rated for ages 12 and up because the images users may come across may include mildly inappropriate content.

VSCO’s limited social media functions make it potentially less risky to use than other social media platforms, but basic internet safety and privacy should still be taken into consideration.