The Brief: Unfold is a photo editing and layout app for making Instagram stories.


Instagram Stories, which disappear 24 hours after they’ve been posted, are a popular feature among both influencers and average users. The Unfold app is a third-party photo editing and layout application that allows users to create more customized Instagram Story visuals than they can through the Instagram app alone.

Unfold is free to download with options to purchase additional layout and design options. The Unfold app allows users to create stories with more than one picture in the same slide, adding fonts, edits, effects, and stickers not available in the Instagram app. Unfold has several theme options for users to choose from including “Film Frames,” “Ripped Paper,” “Digital Wave,” “Classico,” and more, catering to a variety of Instagram aesthetics.

At the time of writing, Unfold has received a 4.9 star rating out of over 80,000 reviews on The App Store. The app is known among influencers and avid Instagram users as a way to curate unique Instagram stories beyond what the Instagram app alone has to offer.

Unfold App Guide
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Safety & Privacy

Unfold collects and uses some user information as laid out in their privacy policy. The Unfold app is intended for ages four and up according to Apple’sΒ  App Store and should not yield inappropriate content.