The Brief: Twine is a free app that makes reaching short and longterm financial goals easier through managing savings and investments in personal funds.


What Is Twine?

Twine, the dual saving and investment app, is a financial tracking app that allows users to have joint savings or personal funds on short and longterm goals for future spending. Similar to other budget management applications such as Clarity Money and Albert, the key difference is Twine’s dual saving capabilities that allow for online investments between individuals who are aiming for the same financial goal.

How To Track Your Progress With Twine

There are tracking features in Twine that allow for “smart recommendations from the app tailored to your financial goals.” This in-app data intelligence created by John Hancock’s investment professionals gives users the capability to invest with low-risk. Through exchange-traded funds, Twine gives financial savers leading options on stock and bonds that are great for future investments. Twine users can deposit and transfer out money without any outstanding fees. The application helps users stay on track through scheduled transfers that recur on a weekly basis.

Safety & Privacy

According to their Privacy Policy, users must be at least 18 years old to download the app.

If you create an online profile with Twine, personal banking information can be provided individually or through a third party online bank service. The budgeting app will secure your personal information such as a routing number, banking account, and account number from your online banking platform. Your personal information can be shared only through a user request. Encryption techniques are used to protect sensitive information online.

There have been rising concerns by users regarding Twine’s recurring fees and deposits that happen on a weekly basis when investing and saving over time. Be wary of the application’s auto-deposit feature that may continue to pull money from your account if you don’t opt-out of the function.