The Brief: Clubhouse, the drop-in conversation app, is used for more than just networking. The various sides of Clubhouse include live theatrical productions, matchmaking tips, celebrity roasts, and NSFW discussions.


Clubhouse is a drop-in audio app that allows users to pop into ongoing conversations.  The invite-only app’s notoriety has been built by exclusive convos between tech bros and marketing executives. But as of recent, the app has taken on very different avenues as more and more people from various occupations and lifestyles join in.

Professional Networking

Networking is a huge part of Clubhouse. This professional side of the app sees users joining various clubs and rooms to connect with like-minded individuals in their careers. Users do so by hosting conversations with panelists who are experts on specific subjects. Much like attending a conference, speakers typically offer advice, share their resources, host Q&As, and advise others how they can connect off the app.

Live Performances

Those in the arts have found creative ways to not only connect with other creative talents, but showcase what they can do.

One of the most notable events was Lion King: The Musical. The event, which featured both cast and choir, was organized by director Noelle Chestnut Whitmore. It drew thousands to the app.

Following, more auditions, callbacks, and live theatrical productions appeared on the app. In true social media fashion, other users began playfully poking fun at CH castings, holding their own auditions for roles like “bath water” in Tyler Perry’s Diary Of A Mad Black Woman.

Comedians and podcast hosts are also hosting live stand-up shows and recordings.

Special Interest & Community

Manifestation enthusiasts, wellness coaches, movie buffs, book worms, and other special interest groups have found community on the app by forming clubs. Many of these groups will feature open discussions, trivia, and more.

For those who hope to start their day in a healthier manner, there are multiple wellness groups that launch various mediation rooms and mindset discussions.


Clubhouse has also allowed culture critics, consumers, and celebrities to talk to one another. Naturally, this sort of conversation can lead to roasts, interrogations, and cancellations. Kevin Hart found himself in hot water when he joined a CH room called “Is Kevin Hart Funny?”

Controversial celebs like Tory Lanez has reportedly been booed off of virtual stages on the Clubhouse app. He reportedly left the room after he was asked about  allegations he shot Megan Thee Stallion.


The app has also found use for those who are single and ready to mingle, despite being caught in a pandemic. Clubhouse has offered a new means for people to online date. Celebrity matchmakers, like Carmelia Ray and Bonnie Winston, hold matchmaking rooms in which they old Q&As, offer dating tips, and even membership on their dating databases.

Shoot your shot rooms are also very popular on the app. These rooms see users spitting their best game to another individual on the virtual stage. Typically, the speaker attempts to gain the attention of others. The group “Shoot your shot: nyu girls roasting tech guys” has received much media attention, but this was predated by Black and POC-led rooms like #CuffHouse, some of which have allegedly faced suspension on the app.

Although Clubhouse does not offer direct messaging, typically people who are interested in someone will locate the person’s Instagram or Twitter handle and DM them there.

Game Shows

Trivia enthusiasts have been spotted hosting various types of game shows, as well. In both shot your shot and trivia rooms, users have given money away to others using their Cash App.

Clubhouse After Dark

Clubhouse tends to take on a different tone after a certain time of night. Moan rooms are a popular, recurring type of meeting. Users  compete — sometimes for cash prizes — to see whose sexual moaning is the best. These rooms are NSFW. The best-known moan room group on the app is Mike Lowry’s Moan Room which describes itself as “a cutthroat aural competition with cash prizes.”

Celebrities have appeared in moan rooms. Actor Lakeith Stanfield’s reportedly won $300 for his…err… performance.

At times, users will also hold rooms to discuss other NSFW topics, like “Length or girth.” Comedians have also held sex-based comedy shows and discussions. Some discussions are for fun while others are intended to offer advice and health tips.


Most rooms will make it public knowledge when a room is being recorded. It is considered unethical to record others without their knowledge on Clubhouse — and in general. If an individual tries to screen record while on the app a warning message appears: “Heads up – Sharing recordings without the speakers’ permission violates the Community Guidelines and will result in suspension. Thx!”

Clubhouse holds onto recordings for a short period in the event that someone is reported for harassment on the app and the exchange needs to be reviewed.