The Brief: The League is a dating app for people who are seeking to date fellow college-educated professionals.


What Is The League?

The League is a tiered online dating app for people looking for a more exclusive dating pool. Through physical specifications and interests, the dating app provides a set of potential love interests to users who filter their online dating experiences. Then, people can participate in a weekly League Live session every Sunday at 9pm (PST) where they go on 3 consecutive speed dates that contribute to the maximum time span of 9 minutes. Users can even join local groups in their area and meet up offline to further pursue their romantic interests. There is currently a waitlist to become an active user of the app.

The League advertises itself as an option for “picky” singles who are college-educated professionals. The app has been criticized for its exclusivity and elitism. There have been concerns revolving around the waitlist that the app creates to make the prospect pool seem more exclusive. This waitlist has been faulty in terms of giving people access to the League’s dating services and features. Also, the dating pool has been criticized for not being diverse enough in terms of ethnicity and income level.

The League provides a subscription service where users can purchase from a 3-tier dating system. Each tier outlines different perks and premium experiences with the lowest cost being a “Member,” then “Owner,” and lastly, “Investor.” The advantage of each membership level is that through each tier a user purchases, the more likely they are in being paired with someone who meets all of their specifications.

Safety & Privacy

According to their Privacy Policy, users must be at least 13 years old to use the app’s dating services and features. The App Store lists The League for users aged 17+.

If you purchase a subscription service with the League, your credit card number may be used by a third-party service to fulfill payments of the different membership tiers. You will be asked questions regarding your dating preferences which include race, ethnicity, sex, political opinions, religion, or sexual orientation. Your GPS coordinates may be recorded for location services within the app to improve your dating experience.