The Brief: Tangi is a short-form video sharing app created by Google centered around instructional tutorials and DIY projects.


What Is Tangi?

The Tangi app allows users to create and view videos up to 60 seconds in length that provide instructions on how to do a task or complete a project in categories including art, cooking, DIY, fashion and beauty, and lifestyle. Tangi relies on user-uploaded content and has interactive social media elements so that users can like, comment on, and share videos.

According to Google, the app is named after a combination of the words “teach” and “give” and a reference to “‘tangible’โ€”things you can make.” The Tangi app is created by Area 120, a part of Google known as ” a workshop for Google’s experimental products.” At the time of writing, the app has 4.9 stars out of 28 ratings on Apple’s App store. Tangi is free to download.

Tangi App Guide
Apple/The App Store


Although Google owns YouTube, Tangi may be a way for Google to compete with short-form video sharing apps like TikTok while honing in on a specific angle: how-to videos. This specification may limit the types of content seen on Tangi, but could also draw users from DIY social media hubs like Pinterest and Instagram. At the time of writing, videos associated with the hashtag #DIY have been viewed over 14 billion times on TikTok and videos with the hashtag #HowTo have been viewed over 2 billion times, indicating that TikTok is already a popular platform for DIY video creators.

Safety & Privacy

According to The App Store, Tangi is recommended for users ages four and up. As it is a social media app, there are situations in which users may interact with strangers. Google collects certain types of user data, as laid out in its Privacy Policy.